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Breast reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty)

  Breasts bigger than the ideal-aesthetic ones fitting properly the size of the chest might cause not only aesthetic, but considerable problems like back pain, inconvenience, hygienic difficulties as well, which drive the ladies towards a correction operation. What the ideal breast size for the patient is, issues from the size of her chest. With a breast reduction operation “conserving” breasts bigger than this might lead to early drooping, on the other hand breasts much smaller are not aesthetic and with their regression after a breast-feeding they might become definitely too small. The suggested breast size can be simulated with a manoeuvre while examining the patient before the mirror. A bigger breast usually means also a certain extent of drooping, therefore a breast reduction always means a breast lift as well.
Breast reductions always bring scars somewhat more visible, than the hardly visible result of a transaxillary breast augmentation, but for the patient who doesn’t expect that months or a half a year after the operation nobody could notice her ideally faded scars at very close distance, it will give an attractive and spectacular result, since she’ll be able to wear any clothes, occasionally even without a bra. However, for a long lasting result the regular wear of a bra is necessary. On breasts with a beautiful shape and proper size the ideally thin and faded scars are not the determinant spectacle, but their form.

Still there are numerous surgeons in our country who perform a breast reduction with the traditional inverted “T” shape scars, although there is no need for them in most of the cases. Even an extensive breast reduction can be carried out with periareolar and vertical scars only, without the long submammary scars, but this method requires special operation technique.


We remove a wedge-shaped piece of the lower-central part of the glandular tissue, then lift the gland up and fix it to the muscle. After this, stitching the remnants of both sides together we create a tighter, more aesthetic breast shape. We remove the skin excess and slide the areola to a new and elevated position preserving its circulation and innervations, and reduce the size of the areola if necessary.

The sketch of the operation with the incisions, and the removal of the epidermis above the areola.


Removal of the skin excess and of the piece of the glandular tissue, sliding the nipple-areola to its new position and fixing the gland to the muscle.


Early breast shape after the multilayer wound closure.

In our opinion, a “breast lift” which is not more than retailoring the skin is outdated and can’t give long lasting results, furthermore it is not able to create a proper breast form, because the lift of the glandular tissue and its fixation to the muscle creating a conical shape is absolutely necessary. If these are not carried out, the “retailored” skin will stretch soon, the scars become wide and the breast will be drooping again. With a modern operation we remove only the amount of skin that is really necessary, making the least possible incisions.


Shaping the glandular tissue

In our own practice, we consider a mammography and/or ultrasonography of the breasts obligatory before a breast reduction. Besides, a detailed laboratory testing and ECG, a chest X-ray (if necessary), a consultation and examination by our anesthetist are also required. Operations are performed in narcosis with the safe background of a private clinic-hospital, mainly with a 1 day hospital treatment and full board. The suture technique means the use of such American suture materials in multiple layers, which mustn’t be removed; hidden under the surface of the skin they assure the development of fine, thin scars until their complete absorption on long terms without the inconveniences of a suture removal. We do not make the long submammary incisions and scars, only the inevitable vertical ones.

Patients have to wear a special taping for 1-2 weeks, and a bra for 1.5-2 months after the operation. We advise the wearing of a bra also in the long run (for life) after a breast reduction operation. Our patients get a detailed list of instructions to keep before and after the operation. The final result can be seen in 2-3 months after the operation, with all the details. The somewhat decreased sensitivity of the nipples occurs only after the corrections of very extensive drooping and extreme size in about 1-2%, after all the healing of smokers can be slower and complicated! After a breast reduction one can also breast-feed safely later on (pregnancy is better to avoid within one year), however to avoid another significant drooping it is recommended to stop breast feeding after 2-3 months. Postoperative controls are recommended for years with growing but regular intervals and are free of charge for our patients. Further pregnancies and significant weight changes can spoil the result to some degree, but these can be corrected later.

We have several patients after successful breast reductions, who have lost their inhibitions and prior inconveniences, feeling now self confident and attractive, dressing and living the way they’ve always wanted to.

Before & After Gallery