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How a consultation takes place

  There are no such consulting hours at the New Contour Plastic Surgery, when no matter how many patients arrive with unforeseen problems and consultation times are not to calculate, causing the crowd scenes and the “treadmill” patient attendance known from public hospitals or disorganized private clinics. Every patient can make an appointment on the telephone specifying his/her problem(s) and answering our questions; depending on these we do our best to reserve the sufficient consultation time for everybody. If somebody simply doesn’t come to the arranged appointment and doesn’t even cancel it in time for a proper reason, we can’t give another one, because if it happened again, it would disadvantage other patients, our agenda would be booked out for months in advance while we would be waiting these patients in our office in vain.

When a patient arrives, first we register his/her particulars, so we can give a personalized specialist report at the end of the consultation. If by any chance a patient didn’t want to give even the basic personal data, that excludes the possibility of the consultation, just like it would exclude a confidential doctor-patient relationship minimally required for any intervention. It happens sometimes that somebody wishes or expects “only 5 minutes” for a consultation, which certainly has never been so short in our office, and usually this is the patient who would like to ask more and more even after 50 minutes.

It is remarkably time saving and effective, if the patient is well informed before the consultation regarding his/her problem, surfing on the internet and also on our homepage. It is not enough to look at the photos only, but patients have to read the available information fully. If somebody doesn’t have the conditions for this, he/she is welcome to do it in our office at a prior occasion, when she gets the print of our homepage including the relevant pictures; at the worst case patients can do it right before the consultation.
For a simple problem the consultation takes about a quarter of an hour, but depending on the problems, previous history, occasional complications of previous operations, patient’s knowledge and determination, the questions to be answered etc. it usually takes about a half an hour or an hour.

In the course of the consultation we carefully ask the patient about his/her health condition, previous operations, diseases, examinations, complaints and accidental complications. It is very helpful if the patient brings all medical documentation, previous reports and results along and sorts them chronologically. Photos before the previous operations, x-ray, ultrasound, CT or MRI pictures might help to evaluate the results of prior operations and help further planning; the pictures usually help more than their written results only. After this comes the physical examination, patients can properly undress in the dressing room if it is needed. The consultation and discussion in front of the mirror is very important, when first the patient, afterwards the plastic surgeon assess what they have seen. The plastic surgeon puts numerous questions to the patient about the necessary details and problems, and calls the patient’s attention to possible correlations. Thereafter the plastic surgeon tells his suggestion for the procedure, explaining also the advantages and disadvantages, risks and possible complications of all potential alternatives. Meanwhile and afterwards the patient can ask any questions. Additionally “before & after” photos in front of the monitor will be discussed, which help to understand what results can be expected and potentially granted in his/her case.

At the end of the consultation the patient gets a written plastic surgical specialist report (expertise), a detailed price quotation and a cash receipt of the consultation fee. On demand a reservation for the intervention, operation can be already made at this time.

One accompanying adult person might be present at the consultation if the patient wishes so, but only if he/she doesn’t hinder the patient answering the doctor’s questions or doesn’t disturb the patient with his presence at the examination. In certain cases it can be favorable, if a properly informed parent, partner or a grown-up child participates at the consultation in the interest of the patient and certainly may ask questions as well. At the same time it isn’t helpful for the patient and makes the consultation difficult, if a completely uninformed relative comes along with the well-informed patient, or they continue the debates regarding the procedure even then and not only at home.

A consultation with patients under 18 is only possible under the guidance of the parents, guardian or legal representative.
It is very disturbing and makes the consultation impossible, if the patient wishes to bring an under age child along (because the childcare wasn’t managed for this time) when discussing personal problems. The child becomes bored fast, and the parent won’t be able to pay attention to that, what she came for.

If the patient doesn’t speak Hungarian, English or German well (unfortunately we do not speak other languages good enough for a consultation), a professional interpreter will be needed. Relatives or friends living with the patient seldom speak a foreign language so well, that the patient doesn’t speak and it would be sufficient for a consultation.

From our patients who visited also other plastic surgery practices and clinics we have heard that our consultation is very-very different from most other places, regarding not only the form, professional content and methods of it, but also the duration of the consultation.

Dr. Tibor Balajthy