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New Contur plasztikai sebészet New Contour Plastic Surgery New Contour Plastische Chirurgie
New Contur plasztikai sebészet képgaléria

Before & After Gallery

   It can be very "tricky" and confusing to look at pictures of plastic surgery patients - results - on the internet if you do not know what to look for and see in these photos. You can find a detailed explanation about it at the bottom of this page, or click here

Breast enlargement
Breast lift
Breast enlargement 
with breast lift
Breast reduction
Breast asymmetries
and malformations
Gynecomastia, male
breast reduction
Breast implant revisions:
corrections, implant exchange
   Head and neck

Facelift, necklift Eyelid surgery
Nose surgery
Ear correction
Lip enhancement
Cleft patients
Wrinkle treatment,
Injectional fillers
Botox (Vistabel)
Chin reduction
Facial implants
   Body and extremities

Tummy tuck
Genital plastic
Upper arm lift
Calf augmentation,
Calf implants
Buttock lift and
Scar correction
Birthmark removal,
skin tumours
The photos are demonstrating exclusively the results of the New Contour Plastic Surgery – of Dr. Tibor Balajthy. Our patients have given their written consent to the public use of the “before & after” photography in each case, providing valuable assistance also to your orientation. Clicking on any photo you can take an enlarged view of it.

We would like to call your attention to that any content on our pages is under registered copyright, thereby also the photography of our „Before & After Gallery”, and any use of it is strictly bound to our prior written consent. Please read carefully the corresponding “Legal relations” under the “Important information” drop-down menu.

How to look at the „before and after” photos?
1.  In terms of lightning, angle and focal length of the camera lens, cropping, background, clothing and incidental make up the photographic technique must be absolutely standardized. The unintentional or intentional modification of these parameters can easily make the preoperative photos look worse and the postoperative ones look better than they actually were.

2.  Conformity and harmony of photographic technique also tells you a lot about the care, precision, attention to details of the plastic surgeon – thus about his reliability.

3.  Breast augmentation photos almost always look good when taken at an oblique angle. The front view shows you if there is symmetry (in a stand upright, natural position!), the side view shows you the proportion and shape of bulging. It is meaningless to look at breast photos taken from only the oblique view, while these are indispensable if we would like to “feel” the result in 3D.

4.  If you want to assess volumes, in most cases you need to see photos taken from multiple views so that you can get a real image of the result. The photos taken from the oblique (angle of 45 degrees) view show the breasts from two directions at the same time.

5.  Except for the immediate postoperative period, realize that early results (2-6 months) usually look the best, because by that time the noticeable swelling is gone, but there is just enough swelling left among the tissues to obscure irregularities, contour problems and make the skin look a little smoother. Therefore it is important to evaluate nasal, facial, and especially breast photographs at a year or more.

6.  Even a surgeon with modest qualities can have good results sometimes. So try to look at the entirety of his or her work, including operations you may not even be interested in, so that you get an overall impression of him or her. After a while, you will start to see a difference between different plastic surgeons.

7.  The taste and aesthetic sense of the plastic surgeon shows through his results. Just as all of us would have a different opinion about whom we think is the most beautiful woman in the world, so would every plastic surgeon differently think about the ideal-aesthetic breast, the perfect face or nose. Try to determine which plastic surgeon seems to have a taste that best matches your own!

We highly recommend you reading about „How to choose a plastic surgeon?”.

Dr. Tibor Balajthy