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New Contur plasztikai sebészet New Contour Plastic Surgery New Contour Plastische Chirurgie
New Contur plasztikai sebészet képgaléria

About us

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, Dear Patient!

  We would like to offer our plastic surgery services to you, serving your safety and comfort in the atmosphere of a private clinic and the safe background of a hospital. We founded the New Contour Plastic Surgery in 1990 as one of the first private practices in our country. We use modern, internationally accepted operation techniques, high quality equipments, materials and instruments, which we have been innovating and renewing continuously along the years. Our colleagues are highly trained professionals with years or decades of expertise.
Our colleagues:
Dr. Tibor Balajthy 
specialist in plastic, general, pediatric
and hand surgery; Head of the
New Contour Plastic Surgery

  Linda Fenyvesi 
head secretary -
Dr. László Zubek 
specialist in anesthesiology,
intensive care and cardiology
  Mihály Fényes
operation theatre
Dr. Katalin Zsikla 
specialist in anesthesiology
and intensive care
  Mária Vadnai
specialist nurse
János Füle 
specialist assistent in intensive
care and anesthesiology
  Mónika Király 
specialist nurse

We also provide the possibility of computer modeling the expected results of certain aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. Since 1992, procedure by procedure we have been comparing the achieved results of each operation with the results of the previous computer modeling. The analysis of these always smaller differences helps us in a modeling which is always more and more precise.
The thorough questioning (regarding patient history), the detailed examination and the consultation before the mirror, the written expert's report and the detailed information serve to get the best possible results, and minimize the risks.
We have considered it obvious even since 1990, that after every consultation we give a detailed, written plastic surgical expert's report with the suggested and not suggested procedures to our patients, containing also the required examinations and conditions, and a detailed price quotation as well - without having to ask for it. Regarding this, even nowadays we are alone in our country. We believe that this makes the professional reputation and confidence of our plastic surgery stronger, because “writings remain”, but the words discredited so many times “fly away”. For all the individual attendance and care and personal atmosphere dedicated to you, our prices are remarkably lower than usual in Western-Europe. Please call us, thank you for your confidence!

The most current endoscopic procedures of the USA are performed with high quality equipment, instruments and materials imported from England, Germany and the USA. The photo on the left shows the operation theatre we used from 1993-1997, that would still count up-to-date regarding the American and German equipment. The photo on the right shows our current operation theater exceeding most professional expectations.
Guiding principles of the New Contour Plastic Surgery:

Our most important goal is to achieve the greatest possible satisfaction with long lasting results, by choosing the right procedure from the always existing alternatives together with the patient, matching his/her individual expectations, after giving the most precise and detailed information in our consultations. Procedures are carried out only after a thorough and careful medical check-up, while the comfort, discretion, and mostly the safety of our patients are the primary standpoints. We aim to provide a service matching the highest professional standards of Europe for our patients.
It is more important that one of our satisfied patients takes our good professional reputation along, than just to “sell” another operation. We do not think that the number of the procedures, but their quality raises reputation and appreciation. The head of our plastic surgery considers himself as a DOCTOR in the first, second and umpteenth place, and much less as a manager of a company.

Services of the New Contour Plastic Surgery:

Procedures, operations are performed either under local anesthesia and/or venous sedation, ambulatory or with a hospital stay if needed. Major operations are carried out in narcosis or in spinal/epidural anesthesia. Our patients stay with professional, careful attendance in the comfortable, pleasant, single bedrooms with bathroom of a private hospital which complies with the criteria of a three-four-star hotel.
Qualified professionals are attending our patients in a modern, pleasant, well-equipped environment.

After the minimally required hospital stay  we can manage lodging in nearby hotelsfor our patients from far away. We have relatively a small number of colleagues, but this grants the possibility of a professional and harmonized team work. We perform several procedures, what nobody else can perform in our country in the same way with similar methods; these are exceptional even in Europe. As first in our country and also among the first ones in Europe, we started to perform several endoscopic operations, which we do every week as routine procedures with great expertise nowadays. We regularly perform standalone procedures, which are carried out in a similar manner only in a single place in North-Japan, on the island of Hokkaido. Our colleagues speak several foreign languages. Besides the complete spectrum of the aesthetic plastic surgery we perform numerous reconstructive plastic surgery operations as well.

Our most frequent operations:

Since 1994 we have been performing the special video-endoscopic operations, through tiny hidden scars, with the help of the camera and the monitor:
- endoscopic forehead-temple-eyebrow lift
- endoscopic wrinkle treatment of the forehead and the root of the nose
- endoscopic midface lift
- endoscopic neck lift
- endoscopic transaxillary breast enlargement (augmentation)
- endoscopic transaxillary male breast reduction

Further procedures:
- nose surgery (often with nasal septal correction, since 1994 with tissue glue techniques instead of using cotton plugs, mostly in narcosis)
- eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) (we use the most current fat pad saving methods which give long lasting results)
  face and neck lift
- lip enhancement (with injectable fillers or with the patient's own tissues, like fat transfer or with the fascia of the temporal muscle)
- breast augmentation (choosing either the transaxillary, or submammary or periareolar approach in favor of the patient and placing always top quality implants either under the pectoral muscle, or under the glandular tissue (or under the fascia of the pectoral muscle), always matching the patient's individual conditions and expectations)
- breast lift (mastopexy), breast reduction (breast lifts comibned with augmentation in one step if needed)
- liposuction (mostly not under local anesthesia, with special thin canulas and tumescent technique correcting also the small irregularities)
- ear correction (otoplasty) (different methods for different types of deformities)
- tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) (variety of methods, individual planning, incisions always fitting the fashion of underwear and bathing suit)
- upper arm lift (brachioplasty) and thighplasty
- scar corrections, removal of skin and soft tissue tumours
- injection treatment of wrinkles and folds
- aesthetic corrections of postoperative conditions and displeasing results
- aesthetic and reconstructive genital plastic surgery,
vaginal tighteningperineoplasty, labioplasty, hymen reconstruction
- pediatric plastic surgery, correction of congenital deformities

Dear Patient!

Thank you for your interest, please call us or send us an e-mail to make an appointment for a consultation. If you are contacting us from abroad, we can send a detailed questionaire at your request, which you can fill out and send it to us with the required photos, so we can give you a detailed, preliminary expert's report with a detailed price quotation, calculating also the necessary period of time you would have to stay in our country.