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New Contur plasztikai sebészet New Contour Plastic Surgery New Contour Plastische Chirurgie
New Contur plasztikai sebészet képgaléria
Beyond the unique way of our patient consultation,
we would like to attract your attention to our special methods and interventions:

Endoscopy in the plastic surgery and in our practice

Endoscopic transaxillary (through armpit) breast augmentation

(in our country exclusively, over 14 years experience)

Endoscopic correction of breast malformations

(in our country exclusively, over 10 years experience)

Endoscopic transaxillary male breast reduction

(in our country exclusively, over 12 years experience)

Endoscopic facial surgery, forehead, eyebrow, temple and
midface lift, complex periorbital rejuvenation

(over 14 years experience)

Rhinoplasty, septum correction without tampon, tissue glue technique

(in our country exclusively, over 17 years experience)

Correction of deperessions, contour defects, with the patient’s own fat, Lipofilling

Breast reduction without inverted-T scar

(over 16 years experience)

Vibration liposuction with tumescent technique, hidden incisions

Correction of complications of lip enlargements, fillings, using the pateint’s own tissues

Tummy tuck with hidden scar, individually tailored solutions

Complete genital rejuvenation, vaginal tightening,
perineoplasty, labioplasty

(over 12 years experience)

Correction of displeasing plastic surgery results

Removal of congenital giant naevi with skin expansion

(over 20 years experience)

Hand rejuvenation, soft tissue operations

(over 25 years experience)